The year is 2007, Rhianna and Beyoncè were at the top of the pops, the first iPhone was released and everyone owned a pair of Etnies. For the class of 2007, it was our also our graduating year. The significance of this was not lost on us and I remember very clearly the sense of pride we held as a senior cohort. It was a very busy time for Santa Maria more generally. The two new Houses Corbett and Byrne were established, hats were being introduced into the summer uniform and the renovations we have all come to enjoy, would begin in the new year.


For us girls however, those final few months passed like any other. We were all preoccupied with our exams, the friendships we thought would last forever, the boys we were sort of, not really dating and all our big plans for the summer holidays. In many ways the memories I hold now of that time are still crystal clear in my mind and returning to the College last week to mark the passing of ten years was very surreal.  Perception of time is a difficult to grasp at 16 and I know I had a chuckle over my teenage self’s, sense of the future as represented in the time capsules we got back. There was an excellent range of old photographs and memories, some cringe worthy and others sincerely sweet. However, reading all the letters left to me from my fellow class mates, filled me with a sense of belonging and friendship that I had not experienced for a while. The evening, was a wonderful reminder of how lucky we were as a cohort and of all the great times we had shared together. The reunion also highlighted how the College has grown in ten years and I know the girls were blown away with the facilities now on offer here.

img_0184.jpgIn the words of former principal Anne Pitos, there was a great turn out for our year of ‘pioneering women’ which included a huge representation from the boarding community. We also had a number of girls who popped in after weddings, hens nights and engagement parties. For those of us who couldn’t make it; you were sorely missed and dearly remembered. More generally, I am happy to report that besides a few name changes, some beautiful young children and only a little bit of hair dye, we are all still very much our lovely selves and doing well on our chosen paths.

On behalf of my class, I would like to pass on my sincerest thanks to Helen Chaffer who took us on a tour of the new grounds and stayed to talk with us, Jacqui Daniels who organised the event and the volunteers of the OGA for a wonderful evening.

“Don’t wait for the light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself” Sara Henderson

Written by Evanna Brando (2007)



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