McKimieAfter accumulating a considerable amount of concert experience in Perth, Josephine McKimmie set out to England on S.S Orontes. She was accompanied by her friend, Rosemary Ferguson from her days at Santa Maria College. With clear weather for their voyage and the sun shining, she was optimistic about the opportunities waiting for her across the sea.

Josephine, a talented singer and pianist was awarded a five year scholarship to attend the Royal Academy of Music at The University of London. During the time at the College she achieved the Diploma of Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music (LRAM) and Associate of the Royal College of Music (ARCM), both for her talent as a pianist.

As a student, she met and married Michael Rippon, a singer with a fabulous bass baritone voice. Following their five years at the College, they both took part in many concerts – Josephine then went on to spend three years with the Glyndebourne Opera Company in Sussex, singing in the chorus, and understudying roles. At a professional organization such as Glyndebourne, they always performed Operas in the original language. She had the opportunity to sing two operas in Russian, ‘Eugene Onegin Opera’ and ‘The Queen of Shapes.’

Josephine continues to share her passion for music. She teaches singing, piano and theory to many children and adults. Two of her best students were her sons – Jonathan and Nicholas have both gone onto be very successful musicians. They were both awarded scholarships to prestigious music schools.

Written by Elizabeth Franchina (2013)


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