We had an explosion of interest from our OGA community, who wished to be involved in the Year 10 Careers Days held on 30 and 31 May. It was very exciting to see many past students wishing to connect and pass on their wisdom.

The highlight of the Careers Workshop included hearing from past students about how they chose their Year 11 courses, their recommendations for preparing for exams in Year 10 and their career pathways, current employment and businesses.

Thank you to everyone who put their hand up to participate.  Hopefully next year we can involve more Old Girls into the workshops.

‘Thanks for allowing me to take part in the session! It was a lot of fun, and so great to see the girls so eager to find out about possible career paths.’ Stephanie Terwindt, Class of 2006

‘It was a great day and I really enjoyed it. The girls were lovely to talk to.’ Natalie Rees, Class of 2003

 ‘Thank you for having us yesterday. The hospitality and welcome was fantastic. As another alumnae mentioned, it was great that the Year 10s heard from many different viewpoints and learnt about many pathways.’ Belinda Hermawan, Class of 2003

‘Had a ball and was great to meet so many amazing women!Jane Armstrong, Class of 1993

‘Thank you for the opportunity to connect with the students (past and present). It was a wonderful experience!’ Ruth Hatherley, Class of 1995

Careers Day was a great way to discover the pathways we could take toward our future careers. Having past SMC students tell their stories of how they got to where they are now (even if they changed their minds) was really inspiring. The Old Girls talked about endless opportunities and careers you can try. It was also great knowing that the subjects you do in year 11 and 12 don’t determine the rest of your life. There are bridging courses, portfolio entries and alternate entries into universities. Being reminded that you don’t only have to have one career was also reassuring. Sometimes people go straight into a career they love, others have more than one career but ultimately end up where they want to be. Sophie Daniels, Year 10 student


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