The speed at which time passes is frightening. This especially hit home on Saturday 24 June, as I joined 50 of my fellow graduates from the class of 1987 for our 30 year reunion. With the beautiful Swan River and the city as a backdrop, we gathered on the familiar steps of Santa Maria and reacquainted ourselves with classmates from 30 years ago. Some we recognised immediately, but for others the name tags came in very handy!

Following a warm welcome from Jennifer Oaten (Buckenara, class of 1985), we were taken on a tour of the campus. Everyone was really impressed with the facilities and thrilled to learn that Jennifer, a fellow old girl, will be the new Principal of Santa Maria next year. The Class of 1987 then gathered in the staffroom for a celebratory drink and a long overdue catch up. It was amazing to talk with old classmates and be reminded of shared experiences all those years ago. Despite the passing of 30 years, the bonds between us will never be broken.

Thank you to Santa Maria and the Old Girls’ Association for organising, and hosting, a wonderful reunion for the 1987 graduates. Particular thanks must go to old girls Jennifer Oaten (Buckenara, class of 1985), Natacha Hammond (Fic, class of 1985) and Mary Bairstow (Heavens, class of 1974), and Jacqui Daniels (Lange, class of 1986) for giving up their time so that the Class of 1987 could be reunited. It was a terrific evening with lots of laughs, and it made me feel like I don’t want to wait another 10 years to catch up again.

 Jacinta Young (Gorringe, class of 1987)


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