Soup Patrol is a mobile food service for people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, socially disadvantaged, or on very low incomes. It is a ‘no questions asked’, volunteer-delivered service operating in Perth and Fremantle, seven nights a week, 365 nights a year. It is managed by Red Cross and makes a huge difference to the homeless community, often providing them with the only nutritious meal they will have in a day.

Santa Maria College runs the Fremantle Soup Patrol every second Friday evening during term time, with two students attending each patrol. We meet at 5.15 pm at the Red Cross depot in East Perth where we pick up the van and stock it with the items needed for the soup patrol. We then drive the van to Hollywood Hospital where we pick up the soup. From here we drive to Fremantle and to the three designated stops where we distribute the soup to the homeless. We then head back to the Red Cross depot to wash up and clean the van before locking up. Finishing time is usually about 8.15 pm.

Some of the requirements for being involved in Soup Patrol are:

  1. Be able to drive a manual mini van (no special license is required), or if there are two adults, one must be able to drive the bus.
  2. Hold a valid police check. Red Cross will do this for you for free. A form is available for you to complete.
  3. Complete one training run with one of the Santa Maria teachers to learn how Soup Patrol works

The dates available for Terms 3 and 4 this year are as follows:

4 August, 18 August, 1 September, 15 September, 29 September, 13 October, 27 October, 10 November and 8 December.

Soup Patrol is a heart warming experience. The homeless are so grateful for the soup and appreciate the work of the volunteers. We thank you for considering this very worthwhile and valuable community service opportunity.

If you are interested please contact Andrea Fitzpatrick who is the Soup Patrol Coordinator at Santa Maria College. She can be contacted at


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