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Jess Saitta (Class of 2007)

I did my studies at Challenger TAFE in Beaconsfield and received my Diploma in Beauty Therapy. After completing my diploma I worked at a Day Spa in Rivervale for a year before working at a salon in Melville for five years, which I loved and couldn’t have been happier.  I was also offered this job as I had done work experience here during my studies at TAFE.

My partner and I did a lot of travelling in 2015, which included three months in the United States and a few nights in Vancouver, Canada.  We also travelled with the family to Italy not long after, for my sister Nadia’s wedding. While there, my partner Nick proposed.

Nick and I then decided we wanted to live in Vancouver, Canada and moved their end of 2015, which lead me to gain experience in beauty therapy in another part of the world. We had family visit us and managed to explore other parts of Canada, which are spectacular.

We got married in Las Vegas on 14 June 2016, which was a dream come true.  We are now living in East Bay, California, where we are travelling around to so many places and having some amazing life experiences I will never forget.

I will be back for a short trip in July/August to renew our vows with our friends and family, which will a big moment for us.

Please feel free to add me on Instagram @jess_saitta as I have many photos of our travels.

Karen Abercromby (Class of 1980)

I have a career in Town Planning and Urban Design, this has taken me around the world, serving a diverse range of inner-city, metropolitan, regional and rural based communities.

Many thanks go to my Year 11 and 12 geography teacher, Miss Rifici, who greatly inspired my life long love and fascination with people and places, urban geography, sustainability and what makes a great place to live and thrive in, now and for future generations.

In addition, my husband and I have been truly blessed to have two beautiful children Luke and Annalise, quite late in life. Annalise is currently in Year 5 at Santa Maria and absolutely loving it!  Luke is in Year 9 at Aquinas and equally thriving (knock wood on both!!).

I am truly thankful for the foundation for my life’s endeavours so far, from my loving family, supportive friends and teachers at Santa Maria.

We were told we could be anything we put out minds too and that has certainly proved true.

Herrmann - Abercromby Family 


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