New OGA Intern

SMC0817-518 (1).jpg

For Georgina Guidi, leaving Santa Maria at the end of 2015 meant a whole new world. It has been a process of finding out who she is, where she belongs and what she wants to accomplish in her life. Whilst completing her studies at Curtin University, the opportunity arose to intern at Santa Maria in the Community Relations Department. Georgina jumped at the chance to get involved in the College as an Old Girl.

Interning opens a world of endless opportunities, with so much exposure to relevant knowledge and room for personal growth. It means being able to apply what one has learnt whilst working in a team environment. Giving students a chance to learn and work in a real office, with hands on experience. The OGA is in the midst of many exciting upcoming projects, which Georgina is fully involved.

We encourage all our OGA girls to connect with the College – there is something for everyone! So far, Georgina has loved every second of working with Jacqui, the other interns and the whole CRD team.


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