Squealing, giggling, hugging, kissing and even a few tears. Sounds more like what you would expect at a student event than a school reunion.

Well, when we got together as the Class of 1977 at the end of July, it was a though we’d never left school, grown up, and lived challenging and demanding lives for the last 40 years.

As Paula Hull (Martin), Head Girl in 1977, said on the night: “We are a decent bunch of women, intelligent, caring, considerate, lovely and a bit naïve. And the world needs people like us.”

Amid cheering and clapping, we all agreed!

“Do you remember when…” and “Oh I had forgotten that…” and “I can’t believe we…” and “Thank goodness my kids don’t know…” and even “Thank goodness my kids don’t do…” buzzed around the room overlooking beautiful views of the Swan River where we gathered at the College.

The pics from then tell the story, along with green pinnies, peter pan collars and jabots, and invitations to the Year 12 ball (and most importantly who went with whom to the ball) and the graduation mass.

The pictures of now continue the story, with laughter lines and greying hair and…Well the rest is our secret.

We also remembered those who couldn’t make it to the reunion and those who had passed away too early.

We all told Principal Ian Elder, who gave us a tour of the school, that we knew we would have done so much better at school if we’d had the amazing facilities of today.

To Charmaine Versluis (Priest) thank you, you kept us in touch and brought us together. We are already planning the next gathering.

Jane Machin-Everill (class of 1977)

See all the photos of the Reunion here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5EB1Ua


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