President’s Report

Welcome to another newsletter. Over the recent weeks there has been a number of reunions, the continuation of the Mentoring Project and the first of the Santa Maria Old Girls’ Life lessons with a Lunchbox speaking series commencing last week.

Another part of the many activities, events and support projects of our Association is the feeding the homeless programme operated in conjunction with the College.  I was part of the team of helpers a couple of weeks ago and it provided valuable insight and opened my eyes to the different needs within our own ‘backyard’ and community.  It was for me, an opportunity to learn more through ‘nourishment’ in the spirit of hospitality and connection through the provision of food and recognise the importance of dialogue and seeing the person behind homeless figures and numbers.

The OGA’s primary role is one of connection – to each other as past students of Santa Maria, to the College and to the wider community.  The feeding the homeless programme is another important method for us to connect and share.

Danielle Cattalini, President (class of 1986)


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