The Mentoring Project

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“A Mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”
Oprah Winfrey

This year, Year 9 IGNITE students have been involved in a Mentor Project with past students, run in collaboration between the College and the Old Girls’ Association. The Mentor Project is a fabulous opportunity for students to be mentored by past students. It’s also another network outside the school and home environments, for students to feel guided and supported. On Thursday night, a dinner was held at the College for the girls and their mentors, which provided an opportunity for the girls to see their mentors in a relaxed environment.

“My mentor and I have lots of common interests, which is great! I enjoy having someone there I can just talk to and who will give me helpful advice, such as subject selections.”
Sadie Caridi (Year 9)

During our recent catch up we discussed the endless possibilities of study after school. We spoke about different jobs, working within a team and the various types of workplace environments. These conversations lead us to speaking of short & long term goals. With a shared interest in art, we look forward to meeting again soon and plan to work on design projects together, whilst catching up on our recent highlights.
Jessica Hicks (Class of 2013)

The Mentoring Project, has been such a wonderful program to be involved with. Amber and I have met on several occasions now, first to have a tour of the College, so Amber could show me all the new and incredibly hi-tech buildings that have been built since I left in 2005. It also gave me the opportunity to share my memories with Amber too. We also recently attended the Murdoch University Open Day together, so Amber could have a look at the courses on offer, now that she is making her subject selections for Year 10. We both had a very enjoyable day, taking part in the many activities on offer, and also getting to know each other better.  We are both thoroughly enjoying getting to know each other more, learning about each other’s lives and building a trusting friendship. We look forward to many more exciting activities and catch-ups ahead of us.
Kristy Galloway (Class of 2005)


The Mentoring Project

The mentoring program is a blast! I have an amazing mentor who encourages me to pursue my personal interests. She helps me discover my interests and guides me to choose the right subjects to do. I love having another role model whom I can look up to. I can talk about anything with my mentor and to me, she’s not just a mentor, but she is also a friend.

The mentoring process helps us bond over subjects and school interests. Our conversations and meetings usually start with comparing our school days with each other. I really enjoy the mentoring program and I think it was a great idea to start this. Having a mentor is just the beginning of making outside connections I would need once I finish school. It is great to start early and become familiarised with outside school subjects and the many jobs society offers. I enjoy working with my mentor to grow as an individual and I can’t wait to see where the mentoring program will take me!

Gwyneth Chua (Year 9 student)

The Mentoring Project

Think back to when you were at school. For me, the future seemed super exciting, but also very daunting. Wouldn’t it have been great to have someone to talk to, apart from your parents and teachers? Someone who’d already been through it all? For a lucky group of Year 9 students that’s now a reality, with Santa Maria launching its inaugural Mentor Project last month. In a nutshell, matching a current student with an Old Girl who shares common interests and/or career goals.

Around a dozen mentors made their way to the College on the evening of 27 April, to meet their mentee for the first time. It was hard to tell who was more excited… the mentors, students or parents!

With technology on our side, mentors were sourced from around the globe, literally, with one Old Girl skyping in from Berlin!

The evening was split into sections, so the program could be explained in detail to the mentors, students and parents separately, before the mentors and students met for the first time. Then all the mums (and one dad) came in to join the fun.

Overall, the night was a huge success, and it was so nice to see the beginning of some very special relationships forming. The mentors will each be catching up with their student again on campus over the next couple of weeks. Each pair has set some goals together, and will work through them at their own pace.

It’s a very exciting initiative put together by SMC staff, and supported by the OGA. Well done to everyone involved.

The video on the Mentoring Project can be found by clicking on this link:

Gemma Varone (Class of 2009)


A few weeks ago I met my mentor, Gemma. From the moment that we first met, we instantly clicked. She works at Nova, which I think is very cool, and she is kind and smart. We talked about our interests and found out that we are extremely compatible. We talked about her work, and she even mentioned that I may be able to go with her one day. Gemma was extremely easy to talk to and even though it was the first time that we had met, I felt like I had known her for years. I could not have asked for a better mentor and I cannot wait for us to bond and grow closer. I can already tell that we are a perfect match.

Ella Jones (Year 9)


Mentoring Program

This week we have confirmed our Old Girl members and students who are engaged in the OGA Mentor Program.  We are hosting the Mentor Launch on Thursday 27 April 2017 where thScreen Shot 2017-04-06 at 8.49.15 ame mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to meet and discuss their aims for their year.

We look forward to introducing our mentoring participants throughout the year.