President’s Report

Welcome to another newsletter. Over the recent weeks there has been a number of reunions, the continuation of the Mentoring Project and the first of the Santa Maria Old Girls’ Life lessons with a Lunchbox speaking series commencing last week.

Another part of the many activities, events and support projects of our Association is the feeding the homeless programme operated in conjunction with the College.  I was part of the team of helpers a couple of weeks ago and it provided valuable insight and opened my eyes to the different needs within our own ‘backyard’ and community.  It was for me, an opportunity to learn more through ‘nourishment’ in the spirit of hospitality and connection through the provision of food and recognise the importance of dialogue and seeing the person behind homeless figures and numbers.

The OGA’s primary role is one of connection – to each other as past students of Santa Maria, to the College and to the wider community.  The feeding the homeless programme is another important method for us to connect and share.

Danielle Cattalini, President (class of 1986)


From the President

In this newsletter, a strong theme of service is emerging.  In the tradition of Catherine McAuley, service has played a significant role in the lives of many women throughout the world over centuries. For our members, I believe service provides an opportunity to support and encourage through a process of giving and receiving.

So what is service and why is important?

Service is defined in the dictionary as:  ‘an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service.’  It can be an act or deed – an action or some other way to make a difference.

I came across this quote and it resonated with me as to why service is important:

‘When you decide to notice, when you decide to act, when you decide to make a difference (even in a small way), you have taken the first step in changing the world.’

This is what I believe service can do, in some way it changes the world, either for an individual, a group or society as a whole.

Everyone provides service every day on a number of different levels.  As you read this newsletter, please consider if you have some time to assist any of the different service opportunities the OGA is supporting.

Danielle Cattalini, President (Class of 1986)

From the President

Recently I attended the launch of an exciting first for our Association, with the commencement of our Mentoring Project. The project sees Year 9 IGNITE students being mentored by a number of our OGA members.  Mentoring creates relationship building opportunities for all participants to learn and develop and we are very excited to introduce this new OGA project. In 2017, the mentoring will run as a ‘pilot’ project, be assessed and if successful, will run again in 2018.

The OGA Mother Daughter High Tea is one of the highlights of our OGA calendar.  Our Old Girl members who currently have daughters/grand-daughters at the College are invited to a special Mother’s Day high tea, held at the College.  With over 60 attendees, the room was full of laughter, talk and love.  I thank Genevieve Sumich (1985) for her insightful talk on parenting and also the students who wrote letters to their mums and recorded a very emotional video. Also, special thanks to Jacqui Daniels, OGA Coordinator and Fatima Horta from catering who both work so tirelessly to make the event so special.

Danielle Cattalini (Class of 1986), OGA President